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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A prayer to god

A prayer to god

Anandu V.

My prayer to god is my life.

If my life is successful

If my life is filled with love

And good things.

My prayer to god is good.

God filled my mind with love-

And good thoughts.

He cleans all dirty things from my mind.

I forgot all the dirt thing I have done.

He makes me a good man-

And new man.

This my prayer to god.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The highness of God

The highness of God

Sajith Lal P.P

We respect your highness,

You are the great one.

In the world and universe

You are the happiness of our mind.

The ray of light in your heart.

Is the virtue of our mind,

The fire on your mind.

Is the wise of our heart.

You are the true

Your house is heaven

You are great

WE are thanking you

For giving me a life in this world.

Take God! Away

Take God! Away

Deyado Jose

Walk alone you can

Feel Gods care.

Mighty God take me

Up to fell thy love.

Sit alone you can

Feel Gods love.

Cry allowed he will

Come next to you.

Mighty Lord take me

Up to feel thy love.

Thanks to God

Thanks to God

Rahul P.

God you made all things for me

You creates the world

You opened the outer world to me

I don’t know how you are

How you walk

You made all the happy things

And sad thinks in my life

After every sadness I blame you

But after every happiness I

Will forgot to thank you .I am

Saying sorry to you.

You gave me many good friends,

Relatives and good parents

I don’t know how to thank you

But I know one thing

You are so great than any things

And my love towards you is boundless.

Sign of my life

Sign of my life

Kiran M.

How great you are

My lamps of love

The shining star

Grace of my house.

Oh! My lord

How shall I thank you

For this valuable life

I’m worthless before you

Oh! My lord

You are the sing of

My life.

Prayer to God

Prayer to God

Marshad Mohammed

Oh, my lord,

Show me the meaning

Of my life.

And pardon all my


And give me some

Sun rise.

For making me better.

Give me another

Chance to

Grow up once again.

Please Blow your light to me

Please Blow your light to me

Binoy Marshal

Please blow your light to me

There are many difficulties on my life

Yours light is wondrous and transmute

It clear my path of life.

You are only one who lead me

You are only one who purify me

Pleas do not leave on my way

You are the one I love.

Our Mysore-Bangalore Trip

Our Mysore-Bangalore Trip

Akshay Pramod

­­ This academic years (2010-’11) is the last years of our High School Education. After this year all will depart in different paths. That’s why our Mysore-Bangalore tour is so special. We went on 12th November 2010.IT was a five day trip.

We started late at night and reached there next morning. We started the trip visiting the St. Philomena Church. There was an underground tunnel through the church which was made of huge stone blocks. It was the Mysore zoo which attracted me the most on the first day. There was a variety of birds and animals in the zoo. Peacock, Owl, Pocket Monkey, Chimpanzee, Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Crocodile etc. It was an exciting experience. One of the other major attractions was the ‘Mysore Palace’. It’s a historical monument of artistic excellence. The huge wooden doors, exotic paintings, roofs at great height, huge pillars etc. are the symbols of great artistic effort. We visited Brindavanm Garden at the end of first day. The laser show with water there was not so exciting. We stayed in the Mysore Hotel Plaza that day.

On the next day we went to the Tipu Sultan Kota, his death place etc. They were the remaining symbols of a great historical period. All of us liked the unlimited food at noon. We then reached Bangalore. The machine house was another thing which attracted me. There were thousands of machines. The dinosaur was a wonderful one. On that night we went to Wonder La and stayed in the dormitory there.

On the next day after fresh up we entered Wonder La. There was a variety of rides. They were very exciting as well as a little frightful experience. The laser show in Wonder La was much far better than what we saw in the Brindavan Garden. The ghost house in Wonder La was not at all frightful. Even babies will not be afraid seeing it. The water rides over there was very thrilling. The wave pool was also very thrilling. We returned back to Calicut that evening and reached here next morning.

Oh! My dear God

Oh! My dear God

Mihir H. Shah

Oh! Dear God,

You come to me with your love

It will be the best day ever

I’ll be happy so, forever.

Oh! Oh! God

So, entrancing are you,

My words are not enough

To express my love; upon you.

My Wish

My Wish

Balulal T.K

God you are my every thing

You save me in troubles.

I don’t know how to thank you.

I am thank full to you.

I have a wish to become a pilot

I don’t know how I will become pilot

Please help me to win this task in my life.

I have a belief you don’t give up hand.

God you are a great.

God I don’t know

How to express my feeling.

My God

My God

Tony Biju

I am alone in the crowded world.

You are my savior

You are my hope

I am alone I am alone.

You have taken care of me forever

From the evil days of darkness

And you have taken me to another world.

Where there is no darkness of evil.

The light is you the way is you

We live together

With love and peace.

I am thanking you I am thanking you

You are my savior.

Love of god

Love of god

Sreekanth U. Menon

One love in the times we cry,

One love in the suffering time,

One love for the poor people,

And the Sun will set for you.

We live to change the face of history.

So hear the voice of god,

He has a choice,

IT’s time to face it.

We are the one,

Dyeing sons

God is heaven

And god is all.

Lose Yourself

Lose Yourself

Yadukrishnan K.V

Look, if you had

One shot, one opportunity

To seize every thing you ever wanted

Do not miss your chance to blow

Lose yourself, Devoid of glee.

Feel the path of spirituality

Spread the light of almighty

Oh! Savior make me;

The model of world

A perfect aid.

Lights of God

Lights of God

Shahal A.V

Oh! God open the light of peace to me

The light which gives a new life to me.

And the light which gives a new sight

And the light which change mu path of life.

It will be a new life to me

If the light of lord open into my life

Oh lord please open the light of love

So it will be a new life to me.



Rahul K.

We are in agony

We are in depression

Wherever pain and stress

O god Embrace me with your light

I shall rise from nothing

But shall rise to new height

There every one Hartley

Welcomes me

There will be glee and not


Agony sets as if in desk

Agony sets aside but

One day shall come when life sets

Down! That day is hear.