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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Mysore-Bangalore Trip

Our Mysore-Bangalore Trip

Akshay Pramod

­­ This academic years (2010-’11) is the last years of our High School Education. After this year all will depart in different paths. That’s why our Mysore-Bangalore tour is so special. We went on 12th November 2010.IT was a five day trip.

We started late at night and reached there next morning. We started the trip visiting the St. Philomena Church. There was an underground tunnel through the church which was made of huge stone blocks. It was the Mysore zoo which attracted me the most on the first day. There was a variety of birds and animals in the zoo. Peacock, Owl, Pocket Monkey, Chimpanzee, Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Crocodile etc. It was an exciting experience. One of the other major attractions was the ‘Mysore Palace’. It’s a historical monument of artistic excellence. The huge wooden doors, exotic paintings, roofs at great height, huge pillars etc. are the symbols of great artistic effort. We visited Brindavanm Garden at the end of first day. The laser show with water there was not so exciting. We stayed in the Mysore Hotel Plaza that day.

On the next day we went to the Tipu Sultan Kota, his death place etc. They were the remaining symbols of a great historical period. All of us liked the unlimited food at noon. We then reached Bangalore. The machine house was another thing which attracted me. There were thousands of machines. The dinosaur was a wonderful one. On that night we went to Wonder La and stayed in the dormitory there.

On the next day after fresh up we entered Wonder La. There was a variety of rides. They were very exciting as well as a little frightful experience. The laser show in Wonder La was much far better than what we saw in the Brindavan Garden. The ghost house in Wonder La was not at all frightful. Even babies will not be afraid seeing it. The water rides over there was very thrilling. The wave pool was also very thrilling. We returned back to Calicut that evening and reached here next morning.

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